Truth in Textbooks Joins Forces with “The Report Card”

by TNT on November 23, 2017

Truth in Textbooks is excited to announce a new partner to join with the Florida Citizen’s Alliance in our fight to return truth to our children’s social studies textbooks, The Report Card.

 The Report Card

Posting announcing partnership between The Report and Truth in Textbooks

“The Report Card” founded by Bill Korach in 2011 has the express goal of “restoring truth to education”.  Based out of Florida but with a readership that stretches across the United States, “The Report Card” keeps its readers up to date on education trends at the K-12 as well on college campuses.

The Report Card is at the forefront of exposing biases found in the textbooks and other flaws within the American education system that corrupt the foundational principles America is founded upon.

Just a few of the hundreds of articles relating to education are below:

Exposing the dangers of Common Core

Trump Supports School Choice, Opposes Common Core-Is Attacked by Teachers Union
New Book Proves Common Core is Bad for American Education

Exposing the liberal biases on college campuses

Prof: Left-wing College Dominance is a Disease
Multiculturalism at Yale: Remove Portraits of White Men

Agenda laden sex education, promoting transgender agendas and promotion of a pro-LGBT agenda in schools

Delaware K-12 Kids to Decide Gender & Race Without Parent Consent
Pediatrician and Pastor Oppose Transgender School Indoc-“It’s Child Abuse”
LGBT Bullies Sue St. Johns FL Schools to Force Transgender Bathrooms

Exposing the madness of multiculturalism

School Librarian Scorns First Lady’s Dr. Seuss Gift: Books are “Racist
White Authors Verboten at Reed College

Based in Florida, The Report Card has loyal Floridians who have taken up The Report Card’s call to become activists in their school districts in taking back the classroom from “educrats” who for years have gone unchallenged.

Truth in Textbooks is proud to partner with readers of The Report Card and hope those who follow TNT will join the mailing list for The Report Card by  adding your name to the right on the The Report Card homepage on the right side of the homepage where you can enter your email address.

You can also “Like” their Facebook page by clicking here.

We urge those supporters of The Report Card to sign up to participate in the Truth in Textbooks training for volunteers on how to become social studies textbook reviewers.

Persons can write to to start the process or can visit this link to learn more about how to participate.


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