Reviewers Testimony

The team of TTT reviewers and researchers were asked to provide their thoughts about their decision to get involved with the Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition.  Some of those comments are below:

Roy F contributed:

No Freedom Without (Truthful) Education
“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” –Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816. ME 14:384



Ray B explains why he got involved:

I joined the TTT review team for very personal reasons.

I experienced revisionist history first hand while my oldest son was taking World History in high school.  

My son came home that day very agitated due to a test he had taken and a subsequent conversation he had with his teacher. At issue was a disagreement over why the first settlers came to America. I

raised my son with Christian values and taught him from my experience and education. He and I believe that the first settlers came to America seeking religious freedom, so he answered the question accordingly.

The teacher marked it incorrect. I took up his cause with the teacher and was promptly directed to the textbook which stated that the first settlers came to America in search of gold. I

was dumfounded yet without options at that point.
Fast forward to today – TTT has given us a voice to expose these untruths and to promote the truth. Kudos to TTT for becoming the voice for the voiceless.

“Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.”  Proverbs 31:8-9


Les F shared his thoughts:

The TTT is an important opportunity to highlight the direction of our education system. 

With ever-increasing dollars directed to “education”, the quality of the education of our children continues to decline.  This has occurred because the education system has been captured by special interest groups and social agendas. 

As a career military officer, I realized the importance of a knowledge of history.  In reviewing various textbooks, I was disappointed in the lack of historical events covered, and am very concerned with the level of misguided bias incorporated in the information. 

Significant events such as the birth of this country, our Founding Fathers, and the importance of our Constitution, were not adequately addressed. 

The United States of America is an exceptional country that should be celebrated.  If our children are to understand this greatness, we must have a public education system that supports that goal. 

Efforts such as TTT give the citizens and financiers of today’s education system an insight into the quality of the product we are purchasing, and to comment on that product.  In my opinion, we need additional quality control.


Barbara W, a lover of history explains:

“As Ronald Reagan emphasized, America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.”  

My ancestors were Early Comers to this Land, and did fight the Good Fight to bring about this America, a shining city upon a hill. 

I’ve always loved history and the stories of the past, and when I saw the sly shades and the blatant bias or imbalances, lack of due diligence, half-truths, omission of facts, and authors’ opinions, I was, at first, shocked and then I got  mad:  ” How could they do this?.” 

It’s easy, if their motivation is to change history.  This was rampant, as I found out, and very depressing. 

I was just one person, educated, but not degreed, but I also had motivation.  Just the thought of the problem was overwhelming, and I fussed and fumed until I received notification of a group whose mission was to provide Texas’ children with the most accurate and informative textbooks possible.  

I had no idea of how and if I could assist, but it was worth my endeavor to let them know I was very interested.  Read books?  Of course, ….. I love books and I love to read.  The rest  –  they would teach me how to review.   

For me, of course, it’s easy to read, but its hard to manage the time involved.  Y

ou do have to give up some of your time.  That is, the time you spend doing other things you enjoy when you have a deadline to meet with your finished review.  

All in all, it’s for a great cause – to know that my grandchildren and other children will learn history as I have learned and know it to be true, and to realize that there have been sad and difficult times for our country, but to realize, just the same, that America is a shining city upon a hill. 


Karin G shares:

I have been so Blessed and am honored to have been a part of an amazing team of readers who gave their time to read up to 5 History Books in less than 5 months.

This was a huge endeavor and eye opening to what the forces of Big Government would want the children of America to believe.
My father fought as a Marine in World War II to give me and all Americans the freedoms we have under our Constitution.

This Constitution took many years to form and it made America the Greatest Nation on Earth. Our values, our faith and our compassion for others is all a part of our great society.

Yet it is sadly not displayed in these world history books.

We are each just one voice among millions but together we are many. And together we will and are making a difference for our children and grandchildren.

We plan to continue this project and are looking for others who know how to read. We have a team of people who will help you learn the process. this is a great project and we are “Making a Difference”. People are noticing!

John 18:37  “…I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of Truth listens to me.”
We Must put TRUTH back into our American History Books!


Brian C passed along these thoughts of why TTT was worth getting involved with:

Truth in Texas Textbooks (TTT) provides an opportunity to do something beneficial for Texas and the United States.

Truthfulness in an absolute sense is very important to me; that is, facts need to be presented as they really are, without the bias and omission that is common in today’s world.

I also see this project as one way to give something back to my country, to honor the men and women who gave their lives fighting for my freedom.

I believe every able-bodied American not serving in the armed forces has an obligation to do something in return for their freedom, from getting out to vote if eligible to partaking in projects such as TTT,

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to do everything in our power to ensure that America is the same America that we came to know and love growing up in this great land.


Emily B overcame major “computer” challenges and remained a loyal TTT member, her thoughts:

It’s been a blessing to be on the TTT committee with so many great Americans. As my first experience reviewing I felt it was an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of millions of school children. It did take time but it was worth every minute. I homeschooled my own children in the seventies and have seen a rapid decline in material available. Some of the more shocking entries in the five textbooks I reviewed include the following:

The United States is a democracy, evolution is a fact, Islam taught the equality of all before Allah, Allah is the Universal Lord, Muslims repressed hatred, Muslims were not prepared for the barbarity of the Christian Crusades, Muhammad raised the status of women, Muslims respect the contributions of Jesus, Muslims repressed hatred and Islamic civilization surpassed Europe in skilled artisans, sciences and medicine.

On a political note: possible sexual improprieties on the president’s part referring to Bill Clinton, abortion demonstrators were depicted as peaceful while pro-lifers were violent and bomb throwers, Democrats viewed as positive, Republicans as flawed, Planned Parenthood given a good report, population explosion was out of control, excessive condemnation of Europeans and Americans concerning slave trade, “it’s easy to get depressed about climate change”, in a free enterprise system producers are motivated by self-interest, 9/11 terrorist not identified as Islamic, and commercial drilling in Mexico is risky, It can cause earthquakes.

Mao, Hitler, Stalin, and Marx are referred to as either successful or powerful leaders. Very little said about their brutal mentality and murderous escapades. In a time line, Russia is credited with winning the space race. No mention of America putting the first man on the moon. Gorbachev praised as beginning reform programs to end the Cold War. No mention of Reagan’s historic speech, “Mr. Gorbachev…”  Hillary Clinton given a glowing report and Reagan not mentioned. (We were told the publishers “inadvertently” left out President Reagan).

Included in photos were four pictures of mosques with no pictures of churches, a picture of many country’s flags with no American flag, dead women and children strewn on a path in Viet Nam with the caption; “victims of American soldiers”.  A series of videos were available including one titled “Are mites having sex on my face?” All videos were preceded by 30-60 second advertisements. A disturbing idea proposed in the last book promoted Common Core throughout including having the eleven year olds matched with adult pen-pals from around the world. What was left out was also surprising, for example in the discussion of the Alamo, Santa Anna was mentioned but not Bowie, Crockett or Houston.