Merry Christmas and Update from TTT

by TNT on December 25, 2014

This is part of a post I shared with our volunteers that includes an update on TTT and our progress in preparing our “report card” of the textbooks reviewed.

On behalf of all of the volunteers at TTT we wish to wish a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year to all visitors to our website.


Let me first update everyone on the timeline of our progress on completing the reviews and rebuttals to those changes not made by the publishers.

As you know we had 1507 errors identified.  Our subject matter experts (SME) began working on these before Thanksgiving.  That process has taken longer than expected for several reasons.

1. While many errors were corrected, many were not requiring further research and great thought to the rebuttals requiring a great deal of time.

2. In some cases we brought in new experts (on Islam and climate change for example) which added depth to the rebuttals but required additional time. Fortunately all of those replies are now in.

3. As with many of you who had to take time away from the project for various “life gets in the way” reasons, our SMEs and TTT leadership found themselves in the same position that dealt with family and personal issues.

4. The holiday season is here and I told the team to stand-down and enjoy the holidays and give any work on TTT a very low priority. I suspect some of the elves will not take this literally and will continue to put time in to the effort but the self-imposed stoppage and holiday season will delay the final rebuttal to the publishers nonetheless and that is OK.

All of our deadlines are self-imposed and while TTT’s work is important, we never want family to take a backseat when dealing with a crisis.  I made the decision to push things back to allow those events to be resolved, to enjoy the holidays  and for clear minds to return before continuing on with this phase.

The result is that our original deadline of prior to Christmas in getting rebuttals to the publishers will not be met and won’t be met until mid January.  We then hope the publishers will reply prior to the Feb SBOE meeting whereupon we will present our final report card publicly to them and to the media, local school boards and others.

A handbook is being prepared that others can use in following our protocols and procedures.  I would appreciate any reviews, thoughts, comments, suggestions to be posted on a thread I will be starting shortly.  On that thread please attach your comments so they can be stored in one place.  If you would prefer to send them directly to my email address, feel free to do that also in case there are comments you wish to only share with me.

Lastly,  the holiday season is around the corner and while I will be out flying my thoughts and great admiration will at some point fall back to all of you.  I hope all of  you have a great holiday season and have time to enjoy family and friends and continue to pray for our country and our future, our children and grandchildren.


Lt Col (ret) Roy White, Chairman

Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition

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