California Reviews Posted (28), North Carolina Reviews (8), 501c3 Designation and Other Updates

by TNT on April 19, 2018

New Reviews Posted

Truth in Textbooks has updated the TNT website with the a total of 36 more reviews that originated as a result of the California and North Carolina reviews conducted last year.

California reviews (K-8) and a Report Card for the 28 textbooks can be found on this page.  Ratings have been applied to each of the textbooks.  This link is to a summary of many of the worse errors found in all reviews.

North Carolina reviews (9-12) can be found on this page.  Ratings on these textbooks have not been applied but will be in the near future.  We will update the reports as soon as we get the final ratings.  This link is to the summary of many of the worse errors found in all reviews.


1. Contact your local school board and determine the social studies textbooks used for the specific grades that these textbook reviews cover.  Obtain the name of the publisher, the title of the textbook, edition/version and ISBN and date of the textbook.

2. Compare the list received from local school boards to the lists of books reviewed on our website.  If the textbook is on any of the lists then review the errors found in the textbooks.

3. Obtain a copy of the textbook, if possible, or go to the school and take the time to confirm the errors found in the report are in the textbook you wish to critique.  Highlight on the report the worse errors found within the textbook. Use the index in the textbook to quickly find the references to those particular topics.

4. Arrange a meeting with your local school board member. Bring with you your notes and talking points on the specific errors spelled out in the report.  If unable, speak to the local principal and bring to their attention the TNT report and the errors found in the textbook.  Leave with either representative a copy of the full report and specific errors you highlighted during your research.

5. Request time to appear above the local school board if the textbooks have not been purchased yet, i.e. are being considered for purchase.  Bring several friends to the meeting and have each representative speak on a different parts of the book insuring you are covering a wide range of errors, i.e. climate change, religion, US history, Islam, Israel, etc.

6. If no action is taken, do one of the following. (a).  Run for local school board or appeal to get on the local textbook review committee (if there is such a position).  When you run for office, make one of the primary campaign issues the issue of textbooks. If running against an incumbent, use some of the most outrageous errors in the campaign.  Quote from the textbooks in question during debates and ask why the incumbent would approve of such books.

If you need specific help on strategy, please contact us at Truth in Textbooks at . You can also call 214.924.9033, Lt Col (ret) Roy White, Founder/President of Truth in Textbooks.

Truth in Textbooks Designated as a 501c3 by the IRS

Earlier this year TNT received official non-profit status by the Federal Government.  This link is to the website that shows Truth in Textbooks is on the official IRS list.

You can make a direct donation to TNT by sending a check to Truth in Textbooks c/o Chris Byrd, 706 E. Blanco Rd, Boerne, TX 78006


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