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Truth in Textbooks (TNT), formerly Truth in Texas Textbooks (TTT) Coalition, is a dedicated group of capable citizen reviewers of the social s textbooks our children are given to use in schools each year.

By the end of 2018 TNT will have over 200 volunteers who have attended and completed the three month long training program. The goal is to have 500 trained reviewers who will be standing by to assist teachers, parents and those concerned citizens who find material in the social studies classrooms to be less than accurate. TNT hopes to have an additional 200 reviewers trained by the end of 2018.

  • TNT will assist those states that do a centralized process of textbook review and selection for all grades K-12. There are 22 of those states.
  • TNT, when requested by parents, teachers or school board members, can assist in reviewing the social studies textbooks being considered for grades K-12.
  • TNT, when requested by parents, teachers or school board members, can assist in reviewing instructional material, supplemental material that is not a part of the school approved lesson plan or other audio/video material (based upon availability to obtain the material) on specific social studies related topics.
  • There is no charge for any of these services.

Funding is  provided to subject matter experts who advise, counsel and conduct final reviews of the reviews provided by our trained volunteers.

TNT started as Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition in October 2013. Operating independently the work of our volunteers is found on this website.  The success of our volunteers in getting real changes made to the social studies textbooks demonstrated that with the proper selection of volunteers, training of the volunteers and sticking to specific processes and procedures these textbooks could be properly reviewed and critiqued professionally.

The roots of TTT were planted in Tennessee where citizens there conducted social studies textbook reviews in the summer of 2013. They continue the fight today and because of their work have seen significant change come about due to the pressure that was applied to elected, appointed governmental officials and education administrators.

The summary below provides you the overview of the work of the TTT Coalition volunteers.

Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition Executive Summary
of Social Studies Textbooks Review

Truth in Texas Textbooks (TTT) Coalition was formed in October 2013 for the single purpose of improving the factual accuracy of social studies textbooks for the 5 million children of Texas who will use these textbooks beginning in the 2015 -2016 school year.

Our team of volunteers from inside and outside the state of Texas produced 32 reviews of middle school and high school textbooks. This total represents only 20% of the total number of instructional materials submitted by publishers for consideration. Our team was made up of concerned parents, grandparents, teachers and subject matter experts. Training for our volunteers began in January 2014 and included “mock reviews” using the protocols and procedures laid out by the TTT experts for its volunteers.

The final 469 page report covered World History (177 pages), US History (143 pages), World Geography & Culture (86 pages), Texas History (36 pages), US Government (25 pages) and Economics (2 pages). Publishers reviewed were McGraw Hill, Discovery, Pearson, Houghton Mifflin, Perfection, Worldview and Cengage.

Using an online collaboration tool, Basecamp, TTT reviewers worked remotely accessing the textbooks and working together in four person teams to minimize individual biases. Beginning in June each team was assigned a book and completed their review in approximately three weeks. Most teams were able to review a total of four books from June through October. Team reports were then reviewed by subject matter experts consisting of former social studies teachers, experienced textbook reviewers, college professors, authors and clergy.

Thousands of hours have been dedicated to the project involving over 200+ volunteers. Our volunteer reviewers are not compensated for any work submitted with these reports. Dr Alfonsi receives a monthly stipend for managing all of the reviews and for the final submission.  Funds come from honorariums paid to TNT speakers and by donations from individuals  and from groups that support our efforts.

For the first time ever, some publishers responded to the critiques and provided feedback on why they approved of changes or disagreed with TTT.

The full 426 page report can be found here.

Media inquiries can be sent to truthintextbooks@gmail.com


Lt Col (ret) Roy White, Chairman
Truth in Textbooks

234 W. Bandera Rd.  #175
Boerne, Texas 78006


Truth in Textbooks (TNT) Coalition Leadership Team


Roy Carrier Classic (2)

Lt Col Roy White, TNT Chairman

Lt Col Roy White (ret) is a combat veteran fighter pilot who  served honorably in the Air Force for 20 years as an instructor pilot in the A/OA-10, AT-38 and T-37.  He retired in 1999 and is a commercial airline pilot with over 17,000 hours of accident free flying experience.   Prior to being commissioned he was a public school teacher in NC and received a BS in Physical  Education and Health from Appalachian State University in 1976.   He has been a resident of Texas for over 39 years.

Since 2006 he has served in the role of President/CEO and consultant to many military veterans and their families working with military non-profits.  In October 2013 he volunteered to organize and lead the effort to review social studies textbooks.

With the help of many others, the TTT  took shape and  became  what Education Research Analysis President, Neal Frey (the premier textbook reviewer with over 30 years of experience) calls “the most extensive and professionally prepared group of citizen volunteers to review textbooks he has ever seen in 30 years.”  

Beginning in 2016 Truth in Texas Textbooks changed to a national effort and was renamed Truth in Textbooks. 


Sandra_Alfonsi  Dr Sandra Alfonsi, TNT  Senior Academic Fellow

Dr. Sandra Alfonsi was the Director of National Hadassah’s Curriculum Watch and Chair of the Hadassah Academic Advisory Board for 25 years. She has been a reviewer of K-12 United States History, Social Studies and Global and World History textbooks since the mid-1990s.

Dr Alfsonsi has been the Senior Academic Fellow for Truth in Textbooks (formerly Truth in Texas Textbooks) since its inception in 2013.  She has trained well over 200 social studies textbook reviewers and thru their efforts have reviewed over 100 social studies textbooks that are now being used in a dozen or more states. 

The work of the volunteers and her efforts combined have identified thousands of errors on a wide range of topics.  Because of these efforts  states and individual school districts are armed with facts and details to either obtain changes or block books from being purchased at the local and state level. 

She is the Founder and Director of Textbook Alert, an independent think tank, whose goal it is to insure standards of education which are historically accurate as well as ethnically and culturally unbiased.   Dr. Alfonsi  heads the Textbook Alert Advisory Board, which reviews textbooks for errors and omissions in the areas of Judaism, the Holocaust, Israel, and Islam. She has recently moved to Jersusalem and has been approached to share  her knowledge and experience with several universities in Jerusalem.  

Janet Young, Director, TNT Training/Academic Advisor

Janet has recently completed serving a full term as the President of Hadassah Brooklyn, where she met Dr. Sandra Alfonsi, and subsequently joined her on Hadassah’s Curriculum Watch Project.  She has since joined Sandra and Roy White at Truth in Textbooks to ensure scholarly accuracy and lack of agenda in our children’s textbooks.

A graduate of New York University and Richmond College, Janet holds a MS in Education with an additional 60 graduate credits in education. She worked in the NYC public school system for 34 years where she taught K-8, Gifted and Talented, and Information Technology Science. She was a Master Teacher/Teacher Trainer in English Studies, as well as a cooperating teacher for student teachers in New York City area colleges focused on N-8 education and information technology.  Janet created, developed, and maintained her school’s computer lab and official website during the ten years leading up to her retirement.  During this time, she was a regular guest speaker on Educational Technology at a local college.

Janet’s passion for providing scrupulous, accurate, and accessible educational material for students everywhere, has inspired her life’s work, and is a continuous motivator for her as she helps guard our right to learn objectively.


Chris Byrd Attorney Christopher Byrd

Attorney Christopher Byrd is legal counsel to Truth in Texas Textbooks.  His expertise in the areas of public policy and networking with government agencies is key to Truth in Textbooks success. His work in establishing a Christian Charter school in Oklahoma and his work with many youth programs with Rotary illustrates the dedication he has for improving the opportunities available for the children of Texas.