Want to Volunteer to be a Reviewer?

Becoming a Reviewer

Do you want to restore “truth to our children’s textbooks”?  If the answer is yes and you have the attributes TNT is looking for, then you may have what it takes to be a great reviewer.

What you don’t need to possess is a college degree or upper level degree in any of the social sciences, US History, World History, Geography, US Government, etc.  Why would we say this?

In 2014 TNT volunteers found over 1500 errors in 32 textbooks under consideration by Texas that were reviewed by the so-called “experts”, both publishers and educators.

In 2016 TNT volunteers found 603 errors in eight NC textbooks, again all supposedly reviewed and screened by the publishers and educators.

Many persons are “self-taught” on these topics through many different means, community colleges, online course, non-profit offered courses, homeschooling parents and many other means of obtaining knowledge that can make someone qualified to be a TNT reviewer.

What are those attributes and resources?

  1. A love our of nation and the Judeo-Christian values our nation is founded upon.
  2. A person who is drawn to facts over opinions disguised as facts.
  3. A lover of accurate history and American exceptionalism.
  4. Is a critical reader of material.
  5. A love for education, our children and teachers and the challenges they face.
  6. Someone who can take criticism and constructive feedback.
  7. Someone who commits to a project and will follow through except under unusual circumstances (as we say, “life gets in the way”, we understand that completely.)
  8. Is self-motivated in meeting deadlines and timelines.
  9. Plays well together with others – no one reviews a textbook by themselves, you work with a team of 3 others
  10. Has basic computer skills, a computer, internet and long-distance phone capability for conference calls (we can download the conference calls and share them with you via the internet)
  11. Upon completion of training you are willing to commit a minimum of one 6-week period during the year in which you will be available to review social studies textbooks.

If interested in becoming a reviewer, please send an email expressing your interest to tnt.textbooks@gmail.com to begin the process for becoming a reviewer. Write in the Subject Line, “Request Information on Becoming a TNT Reviewer”

If you still aren’t sure, click on this link to learn more about what is required in terms of time and the process.