Contact Us/Procedures for Submitting a Request

Any questions or comments can be sent to Truth in Textbooks at

If you are wish to have TNT conduct social studies textbooks, contact us at the email address above and please include the following information in your email.

Requestor’s Name, Contact information and alternate point of contact (desired, not required..helps to have multiple people pushing back)

Type of Review request – Single textbook, multiple textbooks, supplemental material (homework assignments for example), instruction material (printed or website material augmenting the area of study)

Grade Level – Be specific and if it is an AP or pre-AP textbook/instructional material, indicate that also.

Name of publisher/source of material; include ISBN for textbooks. Include the authors of the book and the publication date.  If it is supplemental or instructional material (not a textbook), obtain the source of the material from the teacher. Include as much information as possible.

Name/contact information for school district’s Social Studies Curriculum Director/Coordinator

Media inquires can use the same email address in interested in more details.